Fête's expertise and years of experience make designing your special day almost as special as the day itself. 

We will be with you and your partner every step of the way working with our extensive list of contacts to create the wedding of your dreams.  We pride ourselves on creating close partnerships with the very best local vendors, which guarantees the finest and freshest ingredients for every aspect of your event.

It isn't just spectacular weddings Fête can help create.  We specialize in crafting elegant looks for any event and within any budget.  Use our talents to help plan any of these special events:

birthday partiesI  anniversary celebrationsI  stagettes/stagsI  bridal showersI  children's events  I  company parties




The pressure and anxiety of planning your wedding can add up to make what is supposed to be one of the most special times of your life one of the most stressful. That’s why it makes so much sense to use the services of Fête. The Start to Finish package draws on our collective experience to help you navigate through the uncertainty and avoid the unknown pitfalls that can complicate the process.


You’re the kind of person that’s got it together. You’ve got things headed in the right direction and running smoothly. But as the big day approaches, you’ll love the peace of mind that our expertise can bring. We will take an unbiased look at how things are progressing and help you avoid some of the last minute oversights. Our expertise will help ensure all your hard work results in the magical day you desire.

Two one hour consultations / Development of timelines and itineraries / Vendor coordination/ Complete coordination of your rehearsal and event




The big day has arrived. You’ve poured your heart and soul into planning the event but there are still many things left to do (and worry about!) With our “Day Of" coordination, the last minute details, including set up and tear down, are taken care of, leaving you and your family free to enjoy this special day.

Pre-Event meeting / Day of Itinerary and Emergency contact list preparation/ Attending & overseeing the rehearsal        / Coordinate & manage the wedding day